Youth CARE

School Chaplaincy WA

Youth Care is one of WA’s largest non for profit organisations. It brings schools, volunteers, staff and partner organisations together. There are over 400 chaplains in WA providing school chaplaincy to over 620 state schools.

The chaplains aim to provide social, emotional and mental health support to students. Chaplains work with schools to provide programs that best support the students, families and staff in that school. Children, Teachers and families are under more stress and face many challenges then ever before. The role of a chaplain can be as simple as an ear to listen or to refer to an appropriate professional or service who can give further assistance to a child or family.

Youth CARE Chaplains are placed according to an individual school’s needs after undergoing a rigorous application process including qualification assessments, interviews, reference checks, internationally recognised vocational psychological screening and a comprehensive 3 day induction training.

Trinity North Uniting Church has supported Youth CARE for many years and the chaplains in our schools in our local area of Greenwood, Duncraig, Kingsley and Warwick.

Please give to support the amazing work of school chaplains, click on the link below to go to the Youth CARE web page: