Mon in the Jungle

Mon Parker is an Australian midwife who works for Sustain Projects in Myanmar. Mon’s Midwife project provides services for expectant mums and training that doesn’t exist in the region. This program delivers a platform for empowering young Karen students to gain the skills and knowledge needed to provide high quality maternal health care for the women of the region and beyond.

What’s happening in 2020 in the Jungle?

One of the priorities for this year is to see the Midwife program open a special facility that has the capacity for delivering babies. This has been Mon’s dream for many years. A house in Kyaukkyi has been chosen but some renovations are needed to make it suitable. Not only will the house be used for women giving birth but also for antenatal clinics, ultrasounds and midwife training. This dream can only be made a reality for the families in Myanmar with financial donations. A donation of any amount helps to meet the budget and is very much appreciated. Donate today at

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April 2020